Article in Spear’s

In his article, Josh Spero of Spear’s urges Western leaders to take heed of Ian Bremmer’s recommendations to strategically prevent the growth of state capitalism in the wake of the financial crisis.
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Review in The Wall Street Journal

In this review, Iain Martin of The Wall Street Journal calls The End of the Free Market a “fascinating book,” tracking the rise of state-capitalism and offering valuable advice to U.S. and European leaders defending the free market system.
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Article in World Affairs

In his article “Gathering Storm: America and China in 2020,” Ian Bremmer writes that the most fundamental threat to U.S.-China relations is “Beijing’s newfound belief that there has been a substantial shift in the balance of power within its relationship with America, and that the Unites States is no longer indispensible to China’s development.”
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Article in The Sunday Telegraph

Ian Bremmer discusses whether the West should fear the rise of state capitalism, in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph.
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David Brooks on state capitalism

“Many scholars have begun to analyze state capitalism,” David Brooks writes in his New York Times op-ed column. “One of the clearest and most comprehensive treatments is The End of the Free Market by Ian Bremmer.”
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