The End of the Free Market details the growing phenomenon of state capitalism, a system in which governments drive local economies through ownership of market-dominant companies and large pools of excess capital, using them for political gain. This trend threatens America’s competitive edge and the conduct of free markets everywhere.

An expert on the intersection of economics and politics, Ian Bremmer has followed the rise of state-owned firms in China, Russia, the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Iran, Venezuela, and elsewhere. He demonstrates the growing challenge that state capitalism will pose for the entire global economy.

Among the questions addressed: Are we on the brink of a new kind of Cold War, one that pits competing economic systems in a battle for dominance? Can free market countries compete with state capitalist powerhouses over relations with countries that have elements of both systems—like India, Brazil, and Mexico? Does state capitalism have staying power?

This guide to the next big global economic trend includes useful insights for investors, business leaders, policymakers, and anyone who wants to understand important emerging changes in international politics and the global economy.

    An Excerpt from the Book

    “To illustrate the differences between a Soviet-style command economy and these various forms of capitalism, imagine a football game or soccer match. Command economics is a game in which the state tries to predetermine the final score by ensuring that all players, referees, and spectators faithfully perform their pre-assigned roles. It’s more a pageant than a sport. Post–Soviet Russian–style laissez-faire capitalism is a blood sport with few rules and referees who represent the competing interests of the spectators who wagered most on the outcome.”

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    Some Buzz

    “From stories of deadly rioting at a Chinese factory to the Russian prime minister’s grocery shopping to the construction site of an entirely new Saudi city, this is a fascinating story with a timely and important message: American-style free market democracy might not be the wave of the future.”
    —Fareed Zakaria, Editor of Newsweek International and author of The Post-American World

    “Ian Bremmer’s understanding of international commerce and politics is peerless. The End of the Free Market holds essential insights for anyone conducting business on the global level.”
    —Sallie Krawcheck
     president, global wealth and investment management, Bank of America